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Resources for people living with neurological conditions

I have seen how many people are in need of reliable, professional advice after a brain injury or a neurological illness. Unfortunately not everyone can access the therapy they need after a brain injury and it is difficult to know what information to trust on the internet. 

To address this problem, I have brought together various resources that I find to be reliable and trustworthy to help people and their loved ones to learn more about brain injury and to offer some general strategies that might make life easier for those living with neurological conditions. 

In order to properly acknowledge the professional organisations who have developed this content, I will provide links to their websites where you can access a wider range of information. I have not edited the content in any way so you can see the original versions.

Every person is different and there is no 'one size' approach that fits all, so please get in touch if you have questions about this content. It is best to work with an occupational therapist to create bespoke strategies that will work for you, however I hope these downloadable resources will be of some help for those who cannot access occupational therapy.

Please drop me a comment if you have found these resources helpful or if you have any feedback. I would love to hear from you.

Education about brain injury by Headway 
Basic brain information
Brain injury explained 
Royal College of Occupational Therapists Resources
Supporting stroke survivors
Occupational therapy in care homes
Occupational therapy and multiple sclerosis
Stroke Association Resources
Occupational therapy after stroke
Emotional changes after stroke
Cognitive changes after stroke
Equipment for independent living
Continence problems after stroke
Explaining stroke to children
Communication problems
Fatigue after stroke
Carers guide
How to prevent a stroke
Private treatment after stroke
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